Stankowic development CRUX Linux repository

Welcome to my CRUX Linux repository.

Here you will find some applications that I ported to CRUX Linux. I'm not the developer of these programs I only tested them on CRUX Linux and wrote package files for them so that other users can easily compile and install these software directly using my repository.

To use my repository just download my httpup file and import it to your ports directory:
$ cd /etc/ports
$ wget
$ ports -u stdevel
$ echo "prtdir /usr/ports/stdevel" >> /etc/prt-get.conf
$ prt-get depinst ...
program short description version files
sdcc Small device C compiler 3.0.0 P M F
calcurse Personal organizer using ncurses 3.1.4 P M F
links A lightweight Browser (CLI only) 2.3pre2 P M F
fbida Image and pdf viewer for framebuffer 2.07 P M F
gputils GNU PIC utilities 0.13.7 P M F
monkey A fast and lightweight web server for Linux 1.5.5 P M F
finch multi-protocol instant messaging client with ncurses cli 2.10.4 P M F